Young Life wants every kid, everywhere to experience the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Kids in every culture respond to that life-changing message when caring adults are willing to first earn the right to be to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Currently, Haiti has: 
  18 National staff / 300 Volunteer Leaders
   – 52 DGL Graduates / 9 Current Students
   – 82 Clubs in over 40 communities across Haiti
   – 1,800 Kids to Camp in 2018 
   – 20,200 Kids Reached! 

Haiti is a country known for its poverty, corruption, hunger and natural disasters. But there is another side of Haiti that many do not get to see or experience. Haiti is also a country with a rich, vibrant culture filled with beautiful, proud people seeking to make their lives better. Young Life offers Life, Hope, and a Better Tomorrow for young people in Haiti.

Go, See, and engage


(week-long service trips for YL areas, college students, and churches)


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Sponsor one kid - $63
Cabin - $630
Bus - $3,150
Entire Camp - $15,750

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